Welcome to the Game Shoot Standards website.

Game shooting in the UK can be proud of its heritage, its habitat and conservation management, its delivery of high quality landscapes and its provision good quality healthy food.

The Code of Good Shooting Practice sets out best practice in all areas of the sport, and is widely observed.

The Game Shoot Standards assurance scheme is the next step. It has been developed in partnership over the last two years using the Code of Good Shooting Practice as a base. It is a low cost but independently verified scheme designed to help game shoots demonstrate they uphold and maintain the highest standards.

The scheme is sponsored by BASC, CLA, Countryside Alliance, GFA, NGO, NGDA, SGA, SRPBA, and supported by shooting agents represented by Strutt & Parker, with advice from the Game Conservancy Trust.

The first year of the scheme is a pilot, so lessons learned can be put in place for 2007/8.

All shoots are welcome, and encouraged to join. Please feel free to take a look at, and download the documents on this site, and look at our partners’ websites


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